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Skin Treatments
Advanced Exfoliation - Chemical Peels   $125
Refresh and renew your skin while addressing fine
lines, smoothing skin texture, evening skin tone and fading dark spots.
 Glow Job Dermaplane w/Enzyme    $120
Brighten and smooth skin with dermaplaning and enzymes customized to your skin needs. This will also soften the skin and boost collagen production. The perfect service before any big event!  

Microdermabrasion   $120
Mechanical exfoliation and suction are used to remove all the dead skin; rejuvenating the skin, as well as treating skin blemishes or imperfections such as wrinkle or scars.

Micro-Peel.      $120
This service offers benefits of both chemical and manual exfoliation.  It renews and softens the skin while improving the skin texture as well as pore size.

CIT Microneedling Treatment $275 
This treatment uses tiny needles to treat scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and resurfaces the skin to improve texture.  It's minimally invasive, The needles create small channels that allow us to infuse serums and active 
ingredients very efficiently.  This treatment will stimulate collagen production as well as improve the elasticity of the skin.  (Also currently sold in a package of 3 for $685) 


Waxing Services

Ear Wax   $12
Eyebrow Wax   $20
Nose Wax    $12
Lip Wax   $12
Sides of Face  $10
Chin Wax   $12
Full Face Wax  $50

Neck Wax   $15
Underarm Wax   $18
Full Arm Wax   $45
Half Arm Wax  $35
Full Leg Wax   $75
Half Leg Wax   $40
Full Back Wax  $47
Half Back Wax  $35
Chest Wax  $45
Fingers and Toes  $12ea
Stomach Wax   $22
Stomach Strip Wax  $10
Bikini Line Wax   $37
Bikini Full/French  $50
Bikini Brazilian   $60
Butt Cheek Wax   $30


Permanent Make Up
Microblading/Microshading $450+
Touch Up Appointment $120+

Lash Services

First Time Full Set Extensions   $120
Lash Fills  $65 

Lash Lift Service  $85 (includes tint)
Lash Tint       $30
Brow Tint      $25
Brow Lamination $85 (includes tint)


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