Skin Treatments
Advanced Exfoliation - Chemical Peels   $95+
Refresh and renew your skin while addressing fine
lines, smoothing skin texture, evening skin tone and fading dark spots.
 Dermaplane w/Enzyme Renewing Exfoliation   $85
Brighten and smooth the skin with enzymes customized to your skin needs. These will also soften the skin and boost collagen production. The perfect service before any big event!  

Microdermabrasion   $85
Mechanical exfoliation is used to remove all the dead skin; rejuvenating the skin, as well as treating skin blemishes or imperfections such as wrinkle or scars. 

Micro-Peel.      $90
This service offers benefits of both chemical and manual exfoliation.  It renews and softens the skin while improving the skin texture as well as pore size. 


Waxing Services

Ear Wax   $10
Eyebrow Wax   $20
Nose Wax    $12
Lip Wax   $12
Sides of Face  $10
Chin Wax   $12
Full Face Wax  $50

Neck Wax   $15
Underarm Wax   $18
Full Arm Wax   $45
Half Arm Wax  $35
Full Leg Wax   $75
Half Leg Wax   $35
Full Back Wax  $45
Half Back Wax  $30
Chest Wax  $45
Fingers and Toes  $10ea
Stomach Wax   $20
Stomach Strip Wax  $10
Bikini Line Wax   $35
Bikini Full/French  $47
Bikini Brazilian   $55
Butt Cheek Wax   $25


Make Up Services

Event Make Up     $60
Add lashes            $10
Add Air Brush        $15
Eye Make Up Only  $30
Lash Application Only  $15

Permanent Make Up
Microblading/Microshading $300+
Touch Up Appointment $100+

Lash Services

First Time Full Set Extensions   $120
Lash Fills  $50

Hybrid Full Set (volume mixed with classic)          $130
Hybrid Lash Fill     $50

Lash Lift Service  $60
Lash Tint       $25
Brow Tint      $22